How To Skip a Line In Discord

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How To Skip a Line In Discord
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Discord has a user-friendly interface, offers you perfect task automation and flexible configuration. Therefore, you can enjoy a satisfactory user experience. But at the same time, Discord is causing many problems for the users. Therefore, most of the users face trouble and search for how to skip a line in Discord.

How To Skip a Line In Discord

Well, it is effortless to skip a line in the Discord. There are three different ways to do so, and you can follow any one of them:

  • Enter key is very useful and can be used in different ways. For instance, if you are using it in a different document, you will go to the following line, and in case if you are typing a message, the enter key will send your message, whatever you have typed. So, in the case of Discord, press Shift + Enter, let you go down to the following line.
  • And if you are using the Discord code block while chatting, you will have to press the single enter key, and you will go down to the following line.
  • The third and last way may seem stupid to most of you. Here you can type all of your messages in a text editor, including the word app, and then copy and paste it in the typing box of the text editor. Press enter and send your message.

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