How to tell if the POF account was deleted

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How to tell if the POF account was deleted

What to know:

  • Go to search page> Look for username> If no profile appears > Go to messages
  • In case of no username or profile photo appears> verifies removal of the account.

POF strives to provide a friendly environment for its members, which can be jeopardized if their rules are broken. They delete your profile immediately in spamming, scamming, soliciting business, or being fake or below age. Here are few steps that you have to follow if your account has been deleted.

How to tell if the POF account was deleted

  • Visit the username search page.
  • Look up the user name.
  • If the profile does not appear in the search results, it has been deleted.
  • Or go through the messages you’ve sent and received.
  • If your username or profile photo do not display in the messages
  • It means your account is deleted.

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