How to Wake Someone Up on Facetime

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How to Wake Someone Up on Facetime
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Do you know how to wake someone up on facetime? Don’t you know how you can do it?

Don’t worry! Here, your misery is going to end. Facetime is a video chatting app in Apple products. It is present in Apple phones by default and on a Mac computer, you can launch it from the Apple store. You would feel frustrated when you are on a call with your friend and immediately and he/she went to sleep?

Now you are going to wake him up in two easy-peasy ways:

How to Wake Someone Up on Facetime

  • Wake Up by Calling

Cut off the call and make a call once again. He will wake up on hearing the ring tone. If he is not coming out of sleep, repeat this process for some time.

  • Wake Up by Galarm App

To use the Galarm app is the best way when your friend’s phone is on silent. You can set an alarm for your sleepy friend by using this app. Galarm app can wake him up when he is not responding to you on facetime.

The best part!

Go to the website www.galarm and download the app. You can also set an alarm for a group with the help of Galarm app. Thus you can ring up their phones and remind them what they are missing.

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