How to win senior assassin

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How to win senior assassin
  • What to Know:

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking directions on how to win senior assassin. Senior Assassins season, like money, does not alter people. It just serves to expose them. In order to win the $1,170 prize, seniors bluff, bribe, and betray their way through the campaign. However, you must outsmart them. This exclusive advice on how to become the last assassin standing should be read and implemented.

How to win senior assassin

Step By Step Guidance:

  • Prepare a speedy escape:

Construct a network of subterranean tunnels that run the length of the city. Digging a few secret passages under Northwood is also a good idea, as long as you don’t disrupt the ones that currently exist. If you’re being pursued home after school, one of the quickest getaways is via the pothole at the corner of the yard near the 1000s building, and you’ll be out of sight and coasting beneath Irvine Boulevard in no time.

  • Competent defense:

A competent defense is the best attack. Always have at least five different types of water weapons on your person. A portable hose and a personal water fountain are required. To round out your defensive skill set, you’ll need to learn the delicate process of quick-change magic.

  • Keep itinerary as varied as possible:

Your assassin may try to track you down to your home, so keep your itinerary as varied as possible. This includes never being on time for class, lingering in the weight room for at least an hour longer than required after practice, and walking your dog first thing in the morning. Stealth is a valuable commodity.

  • Invest In Racing Cleats:

Ask Coach Louis Muniz if you may enter the track and field team late if you haven’t had any form of childhood athletic training—he’d be especially delighted to show you how to climb ceilings and jump across buildings. To effectively escape a conventional street chase, invest in high-quality racing cleats.

  • Remove all acquaintances:

Remove all of your acquaintances. You never know when you’ll betrayal may occur, or whether your assassin will appear at one of your favorite hangouts. You should probably stop the friendship before they do.

  • Make a new persona:

Your name and address are very certainly already listed in White Pages. Begin by changing your last name and searching the Zillow market for a new and essential property as quickly as feasible.

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