If you have tried to change or remove your phone number from Alexa, you may have trouble doing so. As for most users, it isn’t easy to locate the contact information from the home page. So, to assist you in removing the phone number from Alexa, you need to follow a very simple and easy step, and that’s it.

  • Remove Phone Number From Alexa

To remove your phone number from Alexa, you can follow these easy to follow steps:

  • To change the phone number, the user needs to log in to the account
  • Choose Login & Security
  • Select Change Mobile Phone Number
  • Here you can get the option to delete. Just choose this option to delete your number.
  • A dialogue box will pop up and then choose Yes, Delete
  • In the end, tap on done, and that’s it

And this way, you can delete your number very easily.

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