How to Search High-Resolution Pictures on Google

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How to Search High-Resolution Pictures on Google

You can search for tons of pictures in different sizes, ranging from small to large while searching on Google. However, finding high-resolution pictures for special assignments or online projects is definitely a challenging task.

That’s why this article discusses a complete guide on how to search high-resolution pictures on Google from your laptop, smartphone, and tablets.

How to Search High-Resolution Pictures on Google

Search Guide For Large Pictures From Computer

We usually require high-resolution pictures for the printing, project, or presentation of the university.

You can use any browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to search for high-resolution photos on the Google search engine. You can see the “Images” button on the top right corner of the Google main page.

The next step is to type the name of the place or other product whose photos you want to download in high resolution.

How to Search High-Resolution Pictures on Google
How to Search High-Resolution Pictures on Google

You can see a detailed menu right below the search bar where you can see all, images, videos, and more. 

Next, click on more, and you’ll see more options, appearing below, including:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Type
  • Time
  • Usage rights

You’ll find many options, under the size tab, including large, medium, any size, and icon. If you select the “Large” option under the size bar, it will only show large-sized pictures while removing all the small ones you searched earlier.

How to Search High-Resolution Pictures on Google

After making your size selection to “Large,” you can hover your cursor over different photos. You can also select a particular photo and see the resolution on the bottom-left corner of the picture.

How to Search High-Resolution Pictures on Google

You should know that the size must be more than 300 pixels per inch for high-resolution photos. Any size greater than that is best for printing.

How to Search High-Resolution Pictures on Smartphone

Searching for high-resolution photos on smartphones is relatively straightforward on a smartphone than on laptop.

After typing the topic in the search bar, press enter. Next, click on the images tab to search for the photos.

The next step is to click on the horizontal bars, available on the left side, under the menu. This way, you can explore other options related to images, such as GiF, HD, product, color, usage, and more.

All you need to do is to select HD to search high-resolution photos on your smartphone. Later, you can download the desired image by using the following options:

  • Android – Download image
  • iOS – Save Picture

Final Verdict

After reading the above guide, you can now download high-resolution pictures on Google on your computer or smartphone.

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