The Edge browser from Microsoft is testing a new Games panel

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The Edge browser from Microsoft is testing a new Games panel
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icrosoft Edge is one of the top Google Chrome competitors because of its numerous user-friendly and stylish features. Because it is built on Chromium, it has many of the same fundamental features as Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers. You should feel perfectly at home if you’re coming from Google Chrome. However, in a frantic bid to gain a competitive advantage against Chrome, Microsoft has recently overburdened the browser with gimmicky features like “Buy now, pay later” and even insulted its competition. Microsoft, on the other hand, does not appear to be slowing down, since it is presently working on a new browser feature.

According to regular Chrome/Chromium tipster Leopeva64, Microsoft is exploring a separate Games panel in Edge. Some Edge Canary users have access to the functionality in the newest version. It’s disabled by default and must be switched on by going to Settings > Appearance > Games.

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When you enable this option, a Games button displays on the omnibar next to the address bar. A panel on the right side of the browser opens when you click the Games button, offering a list of HTML5 games. Arcade games, Microsoft classics, Board & Card games, Puzzle games, Sports games, Casual games, Match 3 games, and more are all available. These HTML5 games may be played directly in your browser without the need to download them first.

Photo Credit: reddit

The Games panel is now accessible to a select number of users in the newest version of Microsoft Edge Canary. It was not accessible on Edge Canary 99.0.1117.0. If you want to be one of the first to try out the newest Edge Canary build, you can obtain it here. It’s unclear when the functionality will be added to the stable channel.

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