Why Won’t My fitbit charge HR Turn on

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Why Won't My fitbit charge HR Turn on

All electrical devices, one way or another, break down after some time. The Fitbit Charge is also not an exception. It is possible that your Fitbit might get damaged due to any possible reason. You might not know what caused your Fitbit to stop, but still, it will.

There are a few fixes that I have researched and used to fix this issue. But there is no certain assurance that these will work and your Fitbit will start to work again. If it does, thank God and get back to your daily life routine.

Now let’s dive into the topic to know the possible ways to fix your Fitbit Charge hr.

Ways to Fix Your Fitbit Charge

There are a few immediate methods that you can try to turn your Fitbit on. Let’s discuss each of them one after the other.

The very first thing that everybody would recommend is Restarting your Fitbit. You might have to restart it many times, but it’s worth a try. To restart your Fitbit, long-press the side button for almost 10 or more seconds until the Fitbit Logo appears.

If your Fitbit works, then that’ll be a fortune. But if it doesn’t, more unto the next step.

Reset Your Fitbit

Now you need to reset your Fitbit to see if any software issues were causing this problem. To reset your Fitbit device:

  1. Go to the Fitbit App on your mobile.
  2. Here go into the settings and search for the Factory reset option.
  3. Click on it to erase all the data that is stored on your Fitbit.

If there were a software issue, it would be resolved by resetting the device, but if it doesn’t, then there can be a hardware issue that is not letting the Fitbit charge turn on.

Clean the Charging Ports

Sometimes when your Fitbit is not charging, there can be dust stuck on the charging ports. You need to clean the charging ports on both the charger and the Fitbit to wipe off any dust that could be hindering the charging process due to which your discharged Fitbit is not turning on.

Check the Fitbit’s Charger

The last resort for all your issues is checking the charger if it is working or not. There are times when people thought their Fitbit has stopped working, but in reality, it was the charger that was not working correctly anymore.

You can check the charger’s power voltage or connect a new compatible charger with your Fitbit device to see if it is the Fitbit or the charger.


Now that it’s all clear that how you can fix your Fitbit Charger, enjoy your fitness tracking. But if, after all the struggle, your Fitbit doesn’t turn on, then you will have to contact Customer support to know what options you now have. Either you can repair it, or you need to buy a new one instead.

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