Keepsafe Private Cloud Download

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Keepsafe Private Cloud Download
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Are you buying a new phone but are confused about how you can securely transfer private and personal photos and files to the other phone? Don’t worry anymore then. I have a permanent solution to your problems.

Yes, you have guessed that right. The Private Cloud by Keepsafe can be the best option for you in this regard. Not only can you transfer photos, but you can also save them on the private cloud to save up much of the space on your phone.

You may already know what this private cloud is, but I must tell those who don’t. If you already know, you can skip to the how-to-use part. So now, let’s get started with the guide.

What is Keepsafe?

The Keepsafe is a Mobile app that you can use to store your photos and files that are important to you. The Keepsafe was only an idea a few years back, but now more than 35 Million people are using it today.

The cloud feature already existed when it came into the market, but the features given by keepsafe were far above the others. Anyone who would download this app will get a 30-day trial period, and after that, they will have a popup to see if they want to keep using it or not.

They have tried and tested it at many different prices, but the current price is $4.99/M or $23.99/Y. It totally depends on which one you choose, but the latter will indeed save up a lot of your money. At this price, this app is remarkable due to the security and privacy features.

How to Use and Download Keepsafe Private Cloud

To Download the Keepsafe app, Go to App Store or Play Store and download the Keepsafe app. When you enter it, you will see a 30-day free trial option. And after it, you will be asked to pay for it if you want to use it further. You can pay 4.99$ every month or 23.99$ once for the entire year.

To use the Keepsafe Private Cloud, you will have to log into your keepsafe account, and here you will add all the photos and files you want to keep safe. It will save up your phone’s space as well as keep those files secure. It offers many more amazing features in this price tag and is worth the investment.

Features of Private Cloud by Keep-safe

There are many unique features that Keepsafe Private Cloud provides. Let us discuss the most important of them to know what you are getting yourself into.

● Can Transfer Photos and Files

The best and secure way to transfer photos is the Keepsafe app. You can upload all the photos and files on your keepsafe account and then log in to the other device and download all those files on the other device. It is mainly a quick and safe method.

● Best for Backing Up important data

You can backup all the important data on your Keepsafe private cloud. You will save all the files and photos on your cloud, and whenever you need them, you can simply download them on any device. It will also be helpful if you suddenly reset your phone or, due to any reason, your phone gets damaged suddenly.

PIN Lock Screen

One of the best things about it is that it is password protected. You can keep different passwords for all the folders uploaded on the keepsafe cloud. To ensure that if someone knows the Pin of one folder, they cannot open the other folders with the same PIN.

● Can restore deleted files

If you suddenly delete any file on your mobile device, the Keepsafe app is there to solve your problems. It can easily restore all the deleted files from your phone. It will take some time to dig in the deleted files, but it is a reliable method to recover any deleted items.

● Will track break-in attempts

The privacy and security of keepsafe are unlike any other. If someone tries to break-in your keepsafe account and write a wrong password, you will instantly get a notification if someone is trying to break-in so you can make appropriate changes to save yourself from it.

● Uses Fingerprint or Face Unlock

If your phone has a fingerprint and face sensor, then you can also use both of these to unlock your keepsafe account. It is much reliable and quicker than typing the PIN or Password when the lock screen appears.

● Can save a lot of space on your phone

One of the best things about this keepsafe private cloud is that it will save a lot of space on your device. You will upload all the files and photos on the cloud and can delete them from your phone. You will secure the files you will upload for the rest of your life until you have the Keepsafe app’s subscription.


Now that you are familiar with the Private cloud offered by Keepsafe, you can use it in whatever way you want. You can keep your photos and videos here to save up much space on your device. Or can share photos with others securely.

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