How to delete messages on OfferUp

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How to delete messages on OfferUp
  • What to know?
  • Launch “OfferUp” app > click price tag icon.
  • Select selling option > select Archive from the menu.
  • Press continue > list will be removed.

Before we get into how to delete messages on OfferUp, let’s look at what OfferUp is all about. OfferUp, which can be found at, is an app that allows users to sell goods they don’t want and buy goods they need from their neighbors and friends.

On OfferUp, there is currently no way to delete individual messages. On OfferUp, though, you can hide the entire chat.

How to delete messages on OfferUp

  • Launch the OfferUp App on your Android device. It’s the white and blue icon with the words ′′OfferUp′′ written on it.
  • This system removes a record from the public record without removing the information it contains. The merchandise and all related messages will be saved for you in the Archive folder, even if the list will no longer be visible to others.
  • The price tag icon at the bottom of the screen is what you’re looking for.
  • Select the Selling option. It’s towards the top-left corner of this screen.
  • Take a picture of the item in question.
  • Select Archive from the menu.
  • Press the Continue button. The item and all relevant messages and offers will be moved to the Archive folder, and the list will be removed.

Tap Archive in the top-left corner of this Offers tab to see your archived goods.

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